• Payment secured by debit card

For your orders, Bionetal offers secure payment by credit card (blue cards, Visa, Mastercard, etc.). The transaction is fully secured by the Savings Bank (systempay).

You also have the option of paying with your PayPal account or directly by credit card without opening a PayPal account (connection fully secured by Paypal).

Since 1998, PayPal has been a simple and secure way to pay online. PayPal allows you to pay online without disclosing your financial information during the transaction. You can thus make your purchases by entering only Email and PayPal password. > Learn more about Paypal .

  • Payment by check :

After placing your order online, send your check, payable to Hepro SARL, to the following address:  

HEPRO SARL  - 17 Crau Durance Business Center 13670 St Andiol

Your order will be definitively registered upon receipt of your check

  •  Payment by bank transfer :

You can make your payment by transfer to our bank account:

Account number (Caisse d'Epargne PAC - Cavaillon branch):

IBANFR76 1131 5000 0108 0074 2567 750- BIC: CEPAFRPP131

  • Cash on delivery, cash on delivery :
    Not available

For other countries and overseas departments and territories, the cash on delivery option is not available.