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Waterproofing Soils and terraces Water repellent and Oil repellent - BioV2 - Ready to use

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Article 4087 - Conditioned in Cans: 750ml - 5L - 25L

Bionetal waterproofing advantages:

  • Water repellent and oil repellent 
  • Effective protection for terraces and facades
  • Concentrated product compatible with our Roof cleaner - Express defoamer Bionetal
  • Application on: natural stones, concrete, slates, terracotta tiles, plaster, plaster and fiber cement.
  • Ingredients of natural origin
  • Free from colorants, preservatives and solvents
  • Designed and made in France
  • 100% recyclable packaging

ADVICE: Before ordering, do a preliminary test to know the porosity of the support: in dry weather, at a temperature below 20°C and in the shade, pour a few drops of water in several places. Check the absorption time (< to 2 min.: porous / 2 to 10 min.: moderately porous / > to 10 min.: slightly porous). Your substrate should absorb all, or most, of the water within minutes. Otherwise, do not apply our waterproofing agent. Always start with a small amount and then increase if necessary. In case of overdose, the product will have difficulty drying and will become sticky. Consumption: 20 to 100 ml/m² (see details below in “Physical and technical characteristics”).


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Long lasting water and oil repellent protection for all kinds of even porous stones such as concrete, sandstone, granite, marble, tiles, slates etc.
Provides anti-graffiti, anti-foam and mold resistance to substrates and prevents UV discoloration.

Without the use of soap, the product even holds up to high pressure jets and maintains the life of the treated surfaces.



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Bottle 750 ml, 25 Liters, 5 Liters

Physical and technical characteristics

- Appearance: milky beige / whitish
– densité : <1
– pH: +/- 7
– Composition : Mélange de cires et d'huiles végétales végétales naturelles.
98% des ingrédients sont d'origine naturelle – 4.8% des ingrédients sont issus de l'agriculture biologique.
– Application: Clean the surface with a neutral product and ensure that it is dry and preferably cold. Apply during periods without rain lasting at least 48 hours (temperature between 15°C and 30°C), spread regularly without excess using a roller or brush. Always start with a small amount and then increase if necessary. In case of overdose, the product will have difficulty drying and will become sticky. On application, the product may be whitish, it will become more transparent thereafter. After 15 minutes, remove any excess product using an absorbent cloth. Use 20 to 100 ml /m² depending on the quality of the support and let dry for at least 24 hours. If the surface is not dry after 48 hours, proceed with a light cleaning with a neutral detergent.

Use 20 to 100 ml/m² depending on the porosity of the support and leave to dry for 24 hours (e.g.: Travertine/slate: 20 to 30 ml/m² – Concrete/Reconstituted stone/Render/plaster/Brick/Terracotta: 40 to 70 ml/m² – Stones or porous coatings: 80 to 100 ml/m²).

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