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Manufacturer of eco-responsible cleaners and maintenance products*

For effective and responsible cleaning with ingredients of natural origin*

* Reduction of environmental impacts thanks to final formulas composed of 98 to 100% ingredients of natural origin.

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100% natural ivy detergent

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Preventive & curative roof cleaner

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Our products are certified ECOCERT & zero-waste formulas for bulk sale

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An innovative range of Eco-responsible* cleaners

BIONETAL cleaners are of entirely French origin, design and manufacture, they reduce the impact on the environment* and are essentially derived from products of natural origin* (vegetable/mineral bases) and this without dyes or preservatives or chemical or synthetic perfume. BIONETAL is based on an innovative concept that tends towards:

  • Optimum biodegradability**
  • An ecological approach by reducing environmental impacts thanks to our formulas*
  • Products composed largely of plant and mineral bases / Several ECOCERT*** certified products
  • The best possible final quality 
  • The optimal concentration of active ingredient in order to have maximum efficiency

* Reduced environmental impacts – Final formulas composed of 98 to 100% ingredients of natural origin.

** Selected ingredients are classified as “readily biodegradable”

*** Ecolabel for the certification of eco-responsible detergents and organic products (organic farming). Eco-detergent certified by ECOCERT according to the standard available on ECOCERT certified products are those mentioned in the product names.

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Manufacturer of eco-responsible cleaners,
individuals & professionals

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An innovative solution

Today, we talk a lot about ecology, consumption patterns and especially natural and organic products as well as the implications of global warming. Detergent products, like washing powders, are often mentioned in debates about pollution, the destruction of nature and deforestation or the health problems of users.

BIONETAL is one solution among others to respond to legitimate concerns regarding the release of pollutants and people's health.

  • Exclusive manufacturer : we design from the formulation to the finished product
  • Development of very high quality products and for some, without any competition on the French or foreign markets
  • Independent through and through : we master both manufacturing and communication
  • Responsive and fast both in manufacturing and in the creation of new products or specific packaging
  • A constantly meeting customer expectations
  • Control of our costs of manufacturing in order to allow everyone to use high-performance and eco-responsible products!

* The formulas are composed of 98 to 100% ingredients of natural origin.


Eco-responsible cleaners


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